Beauty has always played huge role in my life. I’ve always known what I’m going to do and who I’ll become in the future. Back then I didn’t even dream about being Permanent Make Up Artist. As soon I’ve finished my high school I’ve began my journey as beautician and hairdresser, but non of it was as satisfying and exciting as my first ever PMU training. That was completely different level of joy and happiness.

I’ve started to attend many other courses one after another soon after the first one. I always have been doing it with smile, joy and confidence and my clients have noticed that immediatly and awarded me with trust. In time I have developed my own technic in lip pigmentation. The Trio method.

Achieving Pro Artist reward and becoming a Champion in 2021 is a statement that i have chosen the right path for me. Now the time have come to share my knowledge and experience by training likeminded enthusiasts. Now i’m privileged to be able to perform it side by side with the best ones in this field.

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884533 Erolzheim

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