1.To be eligible to apply you must be an academy owner (we need proof of full registration company number and address)

2. You must be legally insured and accredited in your country (We need to see a copy of your current Public Liability and Teaching Insurance Certificate)

3. You must be clear of any accusations or implications of malpractice.

4.The centre must specifically have policies to cover the following:

• Complaints

• Health & Safety

• Malpractice & Maladministration

5.Equipment and accommodation used for the purposes of qualification delivery comply with the requirements of relevant business legislation and qualification requirements

6. The centre has the necessary resources, equipment and facilities to comply with the requirements of qualification delivery.

7. You have to only use products that are professionally manufactured and follow all regulations in the country you are representative (certificate of products will be requested)

8. You must be clear of any accusations or implications of malpractice.

9. The staff complies with the requirements of their relevant health and safety legalisation

10.Each trainer must display a high standard of work (a portfolio of work is to be made available for our viewing with your application)

11. Learners receive an induction which provides information, advice and guidance about qualification procedures and practices.

12. Learners need to maintain a professional appearance, attitude and standards.

13. A reception area should be provided to greet clients/customers/guests and take telephone calls, bookings/reservations and payment.

14. Appropriate facilities and resources for the service following best industry practice.

15. Meet the needs of relevant health and safety legislation set nationally of by any local authorities and need to be at the forefront of all activity occurring within the realistic working environment.

16. Meet all workplace requirements of confidentiality and data protection.

All WTEO PMU applications is overseen and verified by our team of education and beauty experts. You can rest assured that you are teaming up with our highly experienced and reputable membership association. Our accreditation carries both weight and respect, which will only become more important as our industry moves closer to regulation.

The application process will take 4 weeks to be completed

Benefits to having your ELITE WTEO PMU academy licence and certificate:

• You receive our unique certificate with authenticity verification and our accreditation
• Own ELITE WTEO PMU academy registration number
• Exclusive use of our WTEO  PMU accreditation logo in your certificates of training and photos of your work, your website and advertising/promotional literature, so your potential students can verify you are fully approved and licence by us. This also applies to the specific training courses you offer
• Free promotion of you courses on
• Listed on WTEO PMU Register, that’s means your business and activities will be searchable on the only independent WTEO PMU register with 1000’s of providers and activities.

To proceed with your application please complete the WTEO PMU Approval

Application Form and send to Email :

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595