My name is Monika Ciukaj.
I have been working in the beauty industry for twenty-five years
and I’ve been a permanent makeup artist for several years.
After all these years I can say it’s not only my work but my passion too.
I am a professional PMU trainer and I’m training people
who would like to do something new in their life.
I also help linergists improve thei qualification and polish their skills.
Each of mu clients and trainees are treated in a very individual way.
If you already work as a linergist I’m gonna be more than happy
to help you solve all your problems in the workplace,
and if you plan to cennect with this profession
I’m inviting you to one of my individual training
in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595