My name is Federica Spaccialbelli, I am skin therapist class 90. I have always been incredibly attracted to the world of aesthetics and art in general. In particular, I have always had a great predilection for the face and eyes, it was the first thing I looked at in a person.

I graduated in International Relations and Economics but my passion is still alive and vibrantwithin me. For this passion, I left a permanent position in a large company and decided to pursue my dream.

I took my fist steps in the world of aesthetics 11 years ago specializing in the field of eyelash extensions. I attended several make-up and make-up courses. In the last five years I have dedicated myself to permanent make-up studying in various academies in Italy and abroad. I have taken part in international conferences and I am Assistant to the Aesthetic Doctor.

This year I obtained a Masters in Cosmetic Dermatology with the mark of excellence.

In all my works I undertake to respect the uniqueness of the face of every woman trying to enhance its qualities without distorting its eseence.

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595