My name if Daria Kukiełka.
For the past 5 years I have been running a small beauty salon,
where I try to build an oasis of relaxation and relief for my clients.
I’ve always been a bit of and artist, so 4 years ago
I dedicated myself to permanent makeup, in which
I found and outlet for my artistic soul.
I have been a permanent makeup trainer for two years.
In 2020,my work of red lip reconstruction was appreciated
by the world linergists, thanks to which
I received the title of microblading & PMU world association.
My motto “talent is needed, but the goal is achieved with hard work”
accompanies me every day during work and motivates me
to make every day fruitful with new and better skills.

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595