She started in 2010 by taking Beauty Specialist and Permanent Make up Specialist Training. Due to his desire to improve himself, was not content with the trainings he received and continued his career journey with many trainings and seminars in Turkey and abroad.

He is the founder and director of Cansu Durkun Clinic, Cansu Durkun Beauty and Pemanent Make up Academy and Cansu Durkun Aesthetic Products.

Cansu Durkun Academy brings its students together with the latest techniques with numerous trainings and innovations in Italy, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, The Far East and many other countries. For eleven years, hundreds of  people have been trained in the beauty industry and have brought them into the beauty industry as experts. He has appeared on the stage as a speaker, trainer and jury in many international organizations.

Cansu Durkun is one of the leading authorities of our country in the beauty and pemanent make-up sector.

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595