She is titled linergist, World Champion in Permanent Make up lip, international music trainer with many years of experience, owner of the Odnova Cosmetic Studio in PÅ‚ock, owner of the Training Academy AM Akademia. Alicja has also developed her own methods of lip pigmentation.

Just before the summer holidays, she launched a professional line of cosmetics care products for the pmu industry: True Mirror butter and Real soap Purity, which you can buy in her store:

They are based on natural ingredients, which is especially important for Alicja. They are safe and versatile. They can be used buring the pigmentation treatment itself and after it. Alicja Michalak is also the originator of one of the best prestigious industry events: Showroom conferences. Author of many articles for trade magazines.

Alicja Michalak is one of the leading authorities of our country in the beauty and  permanent make-up sector.

Schlossstrasse 2,

884533 Erolzheim

+49 7354 9366603

+49 1732657595